Hot rolled structural steels

UNI-EN 10025

Condition for HOT-ROLLED STEELS (black)

Construction steels, consisting of 4 levels identified by the minimum guaranteed yield strength. Each level is further made up of different grades according to energy at break W (resilience) and the state of delivery.

These steels lend themselves to multiple uses in general construction and in the manufacture of parts that must withstand severe stress. According to the minimum yield strength, it is possible to identify the most suitable material with respect to end use. For high yield strengths linked to other forming performances, it is necessary to turn to high-strength micro-alloyed steels.

S185 Basic steel
S235 Equipment that does not require lightening and is not subject to severe stress. Quality suitable for workpieces of medium stress.
S275 Parts subjected to medium stress in service: profiles, welded beams, tanks.
S355 Fixed or movable parts, metal structures that must withstand high stress: street lamps, trailer frames, public works equipment.

Hot-rolled high-strength steels for cold forming

UNI-EN 10149-2 and UNI-EN 10149-3

Condition for HOT-ROLLED STEELS (black)

High-strength, micro-alloyed steels with guaranteed minimum yield strength: they offer excellent welding and cold-forming properties. The qualities are identified by the guaranteed minimum yield strength limit. The high mechanical properties of this range of steels and the good moulding performance, allow for the realisation of economical solutions for numerous pieces or parts that require reductions in weight, thickness and overall dimensions, while leaving the strength of the pieces or parts themselves unaltered. Some examples of applications may be: road trailers, buckets, heavy-duty trucks, cranes, agricultural equipment, beams, welded tubes, profiles in general for scaffolding or shelving, containers, runners, street lamps. The regularity of the springback makes these steels suitable for all automated series production and also facilitates assembly.

Example of qualities

S315MC – S355MC – S420MC